Chiara Mecozzi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From an early age she was exposed to a creative life through her mother, a prominent painter, and her father, a fashion photographer. Growing up in an artist studio, Chiara was able to develop skills and a curiosity for the arts that led her to continue her education in the art world. 

After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Art History and a minor in both painting and drawing, she felt the need to explore different tools and eventually began her career as an artist and photographer. 

Her work consists of fragmentary juxtaposed photographs taken by herself painted on large format canvases. Each work is influenced by the people she meets in each city and throughout her life, and the cities themselves whether it was a specific building, sign, plant, car or experience. 

“Each mixed media piece is a collage of objects and people that at one point have become part of my life. My work is a reflection of an emotion felt and a capture of a particular moment.” 

As a live painter, one of Chiara’s greatest fortes is being able to connect with people. Through that connection and exchange of energy, her live art becomes a captivating experience. She uses different techniques and unique mediums throughout her work, not only to create an engagement with the audience, but to create a correlation between the painting and the client or event. 

Her goal as a live artist is to create a new form of engagement within a crowd, stimulating their creative senses in such a way that the audience becomes an additonal element in the final art piece. 

"In a world with so many distractions, I strive to connect with my audience to engage their senses when least expected.”                                                                                                                                                                          -Chiara Mecozzi


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